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What We're About...

UAL: Poker is a society run by a group of friends who discovered poker in our first year. We started out with a small travel set in our kitchens at Sketch and, soon, we were playing 3 times a week (sometimes more). The game itself is don't have to be a maths genius or casino recluse to enjoy it - our group last year consisted of fine artists, filmmakers, photographers, architects, tailors etc. from the ages of 18 to 27, both guys and girls. There were people from France, Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, England - even Manchester. Everyone was drawn to it  - and not because it's an addictive, evil game - but because London nightlife is expensive, and it's easy for a first year to spend stupid amounts of money going to Ministry and XOYO every other night. Poker is essentailly a chilled social night where there's an opportunity to win a tasty cash prize each week. Simple as that.

As for the game itself - poker is easy to pick up and, as long as you know the basics, you're good to go, but you don't have to stop there. The great thing about poker is that you can never know everything - there are so many different aspects of the game to look into, whether you're into the psychological side of poker or if you're a maths buff that plays less on instinct and more on statistics.

TOTAL BEGINNERS: Don't worry, we'll be starting the year with a big introductory session to get everyone up to speed on the basics of poker to ensure everyone's ready for the opening tournament. As the year progresses we'll be teaching more advanced techniques, and will be bringing in poker pros for coaching sessions, and Q&As for those that want to step their game up to the next level.

UAL: Poker is NOT a society driven by, or in support of, gambling. It is a means to play poker in a safe environment as an alternative to paying large sums of money to very experienced casino players. Though players will be competing for a prize pool of real money, the rate will remain fixed as to not fuel gambling addictions, and our team will happily provide guidance to those that are struggling with one.


Q: How will the weekly games operate?

A: The weekly games will most often be:

Entry: £5 (members), £8 (non-members)

Game: Texas Hold ‘Em Freezeout tournament


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Contact Details: 

President - Gabriel Jackson -

Treasurer - Elliot Stew

Vice-President - Jake Wiseman-Lovett 

Secretary - Chloé Marbehant