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UAL Student Action for Refugees (UAL STAR) is UAL’s branch of the nationwide STAR initiative: a network of UK university-based groups committed to providing support and help to refugees entering the UK and beyond.  Through teach-ins to film screenings, to learning about opportunities for language teaching, to volunteering in refugee camps and communities abroad, to meeting refugees in person and hearing from them first hand, to lobbying your parliamentary representatives, to hands-on art and design activist creation, UAL STAR provides UAL students with the knowledge and information needed to contribute positively and sustainably to helping fellow human beings fleeing tyranny, political violence, genocide and state-repression.


The following events are usually planned to take place on various UAL colleges throughout the year, but may also sometimes take place outside of the college environment if necessary:

  • Film screening fundraisers for refugee-related charities and NGOs
  • Party fundraisers (with either live music or DJs and dancing)
  • Talks and discussions with panel of refugees
  • Print-making workshops for refugee rights campaigning
  • Art exhibitions
  • Film festivals
  • Refugee street theatre performance
  • Opportunity to volunteer as a part-time language teacher to refugees (off campus)
  • Campaigning for the UK to accept its fair share of refugees fleeing danger
  • Campaigning for the UK to implement policies that tackle the causes of mass exodus
  • Petitioning UAL to set up a scholarship for refugees/asylum seekers.

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