Arts SU Involved in UAL's Quality Reviews

Read about how we've been involved with UAL's Quality Reviews this year.

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Earlier this year, three members of the Sabbatical Officer team participated in UAL's annual Quality Reviews (QRs). These QRs are a part of a five-year review cycle of the schools within our six colleges. We attended the QRs of the LCC School of Media, LCF School of Media and Communication and the CCW School of Performance, as part of an investigative panel that included academics and deans from other colleges and universities.


We contributed to the investigative panels by examining the school from the viewpoint of student experience. The QRs consisted of meetings with different groups of students and staff within the schools. We thank and appreciate course representatives who took the time to be a part of the student experience meetings.


The meetings were a productive way to understand what the schools were doing well and where they could improve. Everyone on the investigative panel wanted the school to do the best for its students, which we greatly welcome. 


The findings from the QRs have been communicated to the deans of the schools, where they will create and implement action plans to further improve the student experience, amongst other aspects of the schools. We hope that our participation has greatly helped the schools, and we value our partnership with UAL to allow for this to happen.


As part of the panel's investigation, UAL ask the Students' Union to produce a report on the student experience of students at the school under investigation. Three reports were produced, one for each school under review. These reports were compiled by the Students' Union's Policy Team. 


You can read the reports here:

LCC School of Media

LCF School of Media and Communication

CCW School of Performance


Syahadah Shahril - Arts SU Campaigns Officer


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