Winter Break : Well-being Support & Guidance

We've put together information on wellbeing support, guidance and links to resources you can access over the winter break.

Hi everyone, 

It’s your SU Advice Service here and although we recognise it’s time for a well-deserved winter break, we understand that you may still need support during this period. 

The SU Advice Service will be closed from 20th December 2021 - 5th January 2022 inclusive, however, we’ve put together some tips, resources and activities to help you maintain good health, happiness and keep you safe during this winter break. 

Habits & Routines See the source image

We have all picked up new habits and routines during the first term at university, some good and some we may consider... not so good! You could use this time to write out a plan of your usual daily routine and decide which habits you’d like to continue and which ones you could amend over the break. Maybe you’d like to keep your morning alarm at 7 am but use this for yoga instead of immediately switching on the laptop during the holidays. Maybe you feel like you should replace your strong cup of coffee with fresh juice? You could even take it outside for a morning walk around a local park.  

This is all about reflecting on your decisions through these difficult times and figuring out what works best for you moving forwards. You could consult with a friend, family member or even a mindfulness journal to make a list of habits you’ve picked up over the first term and figure out how to best address over the break, so you can recharge and reset for January. 

Wellbeing Resources 

It’s super important to look after your wellbeing at all times, especially over the holidays when we may experience difficult circumstances. It’sSee the source image not always fun and games and that’s okay, however self-awareness is important so recognising that is the first step in moving forwards.  

The Samaritans is a telephone, email and visitor service for anyone who needs a space to talk and they have a 24-hour confidential listening service. 

Papyrus Hopeline UK is a confidential helpline for young people dealing with suicide, depression and emotional?distress.?If you are having thoughts of suicide or are concerned for someone who might be you can contact HOPELINEUK for confidential support and practical advice.? 

Kooth services are available online without a waiting list or any need for referral. Joining anonymously takes 1 minute and allows you access to live chat and messaging with BACP qualified mental health professionals, self-help resources and support from the community. 

In a life-threatening emergency, or if you are actively suicidal call 999 immediately or go to your nearest ?Hospital Accident and Emergency dept. 

Housing, legal and money advice 

For housing enquiries, advice and support, you can contact Shelter via phone, web-chat and also through their online resources. They are open weekdays, weekends, and over the Christmas holidays. 

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau can help with a wide range of matters including benefits, money, work, housing and immigration. They have a variety of contact options from phone, live chat and in-person centres. 

Online activities 

Take a virtual tour of Made in Arts London’s Iridescent exhibition, currently on display at TM Lighting Gallery until 7th January 2022. Browse works by over 40 different UAL artists from the comfort of your home! Click here to take the virtual tour.

Staying in London over the winter break?  

 There’s a lot of different attractions, spaces and walks you can visit around London if you are staying in the city over the winter break.  See the source image
1. Check out this map of things to do in central London – Link Here
*Map created by LSE University.  
2. Visit have lots of places they recommend seeing in London over the holidays - Link Here 

3. Here is an article with things to do between Christmas and New Year - Link Here    

4. Saatchi Gallery’s exhibition ‘London Grads Now.21’, see over 250 artists from 7 schools, including UAL, open until - 16th January 2022. Take your student pass and book a ticket for £3 (standard ticket is £5).  Link -  

I have to self isolate over Christmas due to Covid-19.  

With cases rising due to the Omicron varient we know some students may find themselves having to self isolate over the holiday period. If that is the case, there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself busy, occupied and in good spirits.  
Here is 101 things you can do to keep yourself busy– Link Here

The SU Advice Service 2022 

The SU Advice Service will return on the 6th January 2022 where we will pick up all enquiries and begin working with you or continuing with ongoing cases. You can contact us here or use our booking system for a phone or Zoom call in the new year. We offer confidential and non-judgemental support on a range of academic and housing issues, will listen to your concerns and advise on your options to move forwards. 

Whatever your circumstances, the pressure to have a great time and be cheerful over the holidays can be demanding. We want to remind ourselves to be kind to ourselves this winter break and take some time to prioritise our own mental wellbeing and practise self-care where you can. 

The SU Advice Service