Responding to the ever growing landscape of artist projects utilising sound as a discipline of creative representation we have partnered with art production studio KitMapper and South Kiosk a specialist gallery representing moving image and sound work to provide a unique multi-channel masterclass.

Classified as the use of many speakers to create sonically rich environments. Multi-channel audio composition and installations are widely used in immersive theatre, art installations and live events.

Through this programme of workshops we will be working with a 16 channel sound system within a white walled gallery space tailored to provide UAL students with a diverse and rich facilitated learning experience.


Introduction to multi-channel sound work Wednesday 22nd January: 10.30am - 5.30pm

  • Intro to multi-channel sound, theory and practical applications including demonstration of the hardware such as speakers, amps and audio interfaces
  • Introduction to software such as: Reaper, Ableton, Max MSP, Supercollider, Logic
  • Introduction into some of the workflow required to place sound into a multichannel system
  • Networking and ability to meet other students working with sound across UAL


Sound sessions (Sunday afternoons - Sunday 26th January, 2nd and 9th Feb)

South Kiosk will be running artist’s sound sessions as part of their up and coming programme “One the face of it, at the heart of it." Each Sunday South Kiosk will be open to the public with a different artist who will take over the 16 channel sound system for an afternoon, utilising and adapting the system according to their practice.

  • Student will get the opportunity to hear about their creative process and what they are presenting at their respective sound showcase
  • Hands on experience assisting with the setup of the artist sound sessions
  • Receiving a best practice guide to exhibition promotion
  • On the job learning in the lead up to the Sound Session


Participating practices; Anne Duffau and Matt Carter, Vivienne Griffin, Barnaby Kass

Multi-channel sound showcase (weekday evenings – 5th and 6th February)

Participants will be invited to showcase the work they have made for the multi-channel system in a crit session. These crits will feature artists and industry experts alongside South Kiosk / KitMapper Director Dave Charlesworth to provide feedback on sound works that have been produced.

  • Showcase day 1 – Wednesday 5th February
  • Showcase day 2 – Thursday 6th February

How to apply

  • We are looking for students who wish to further their understanding of sound conceptually, theoretcially and practically
  • Who wish to gain direct experience alongside sound and sonic artists 
  • Who are open-minded, keen to learn and have an interest in developing new work or reflecting on current work

Applications are now closed for this opportunity.

Partners and sponsors