Work with fashion design icon Kansai Yamamoto to present your Manga designs at the British Museum

For our 2019 British Museum Late collaboration we are pleased to announce that students will be asked to respond to the exhibition 'Manga' presenting an outfit / costume or garment for selection by Kansai Yamamoto - a fashion design icon with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Students will get the chance to display their work at a one-off event platforming emerging artistic creativity from University of the Arts, London. They will also meet Kansai Yamamoto face to face both digitally and in person, they will gain professional development and behind the scenes knowledge of the British Museum's Japanese collection alongside free exhibition entry and critical cultural engagement.

“My first appearance in London in 1971 was also my debut on the international fashion scene.

I have always been passionate about expressing my opinions and feelings - whether through the art of clothes or the wider stage of my shows.

I love the energy London and I have always believed that energy comes from colour like the fire that makes dynamite explode. I am so excited to encounter your creative passion through your work!!"

~ Kansai Yamamoto

Deadline for this opportunity is midnight, Sunday 31st March 2019