Eleanor Armstrong: Lead organiser and president of TEDxUAL Society


When Eleanor started at UAL she wanted to join a TEDxUAL Society. After getting in touch with the SU before arriving, Eleanor discovered that there wasn’t one. Inspired, she set one up herself with the help of the Arts SU Creative Opportunities team.

Eleanor's feedback

The best thing about my year in this role at TEDxUAL Society is that I’ve made really wonderful friends from across UAL and met people that I’d never have come across otherwise - at Arts SU, and at other UAL colleges.

I decided to start up and run this society as I’ve wanted to run a TEDx event for a long time. When I started at UAL I wanted to join a TEDxUAL society but after getting in touch with the SU before I arrived, like the keen person that I am, I discovered that there wasn’t one - so I set one up!

I have developed leadership skills as this is the first large event I’ve lead by myself. Running TEDxUAL has also introduced me to the inner workings of UAL which has been very interesting. It's taught me quite a lot about how to engage with a larger body and to run the event in conjunction with them.

I’ve met lots of other TEDx organisers and am now scheduled to help out at TEDxWhitehall. I have been encouraged by this event to organise other large-scale events and to continue working in the industry later on in my life.

My tips for future society committee members are: keep close tabs on your finances, allow lots of time for people to get back to you and don’t be afraid to do things that other people think are a bit weird - university is about working out what you’d like to be doing with your life!