Committee Roles

The following two committee roles are mandatory and a sports club or society cannot function without them.


The President leads and oversees all aspects of the club/society. It is a challenging role and requires a creative, organised, forward-thinking, person who strives to make the club/society the best it can be. Key responsibilities include:

  • Acting as chief liaison with the Students' Union and overseeing activities, events, fixtures, exhibitions, and competitions
  • Taking charge of the committee and providing support, guidance, and advice to members throughout the academic year.
  • Overseeing the overall direction of the club/society and promoting activity across the university.


The Treasurer is the main correspondent with the Union relating to finance, budgets, and funding, ensuring that the club/society spends its money wisely. It is a challenging, rewarding role that is vital to the success of your club/society. Key responsibilities include:

  • Carefully managing finances to ensure that membership fees are spent to benefit club/society members.
  • Signing off on payment forms and invoices related to club/society activity.
  • Completing funding applications, where necessary, and updating the rest of the committee about the club/society's financial position.

Additional roles - such as, Vice President/Captain/Social Secretary/Social Media Officer/Events Officer - can be added at the club/society's discretion. Please inform Vinesh or Sophie if you would like to expand your committee.