Elections 2020

All of our sports clubs and societies are student-led and have an elected committee of students that look after the day to day runnings of their communitites. Anyone can put themselves forward to be part of committee, as long as you will be a student at UAL during the 2020-2021 academic year. By leading your student groups, you are able to drive change, organise campaigns and events and advance causes that you and your peers believe in.

The SU sports club and society nominations start on Friday 24th April and run for 2 weeks until Thursday 7th May. Students will have the opportunity to put themselves forward for committee positions and outline their aims in their manifesto. The voting period will then commence from Monday 11th May to Sunday 17th April

If you have any questions about club and society elections, please contact Vinesh (for anything sports club related) and Alisha (for anything societies related)