How do I join a sports club, society, or the Arts Active programme?

You can find a list of our sports clubs here, a list of our societies here, and details about our recreational Arts Active programme here. Each programme has a "Join this Group" option, which will take you through to the membership fee payment process. You will receive an email notification when the payment is complete, and your membership will appear within the "Your Account/Profile" section of the Arts SU website.


Can I join more than one student group at a time?

Yes, but be mindful that you have to pay membership fees to each club or society you join. Factor these costs into your decision-making process so that you make the most of your money.


What does my membership fee cover?

Club membership fees pay for insurance, training facilities, coaches/instructors, referees, transportation, and match fees.

Society membership fees pay for venue hire, refreshments, speakers' fees, transport, event tickets, and exhibition materials.

Arts Active membership fees pay for instructors, facilities, insurance, and equipment.


How long does my membership last?

Your membership fee comprises one academic year's worth of activity; from the start of September until the end of June. If you wish to continue with your chosen programme the following year then you must renew your membership and pay another year's fees.


Is there a deadline to join a club, society, or the Arts Active programme?

There is no official deadline, but it's worth noting that the earlier you join the more events, fixtures, competitions, and activities you can take part in.


How do I create a new sports club or society?

Complete the New Societies/Club Booklet and email it to the Activities Officer via activities@su.arts.ac.uk where it will be reviewed by the Sports Development Coordinator/Societies Development Coordinator and the Activities Officer. If we like what you've suggested we'll arrange an induction meeting to talk about next steps.


Will my membership fee be refunded if I no longer wish to be a member?

All students have a two week grace period from the day that they pay membership fees. After this period, there is no option of a refund.


Who do I talk to if I have any further questions?

Vinesh Kurup oversees all of our sports clubs, Claire will oversee all of our societies until a new Societies Coordinator has been appointed, and Camille Koosyial oversees our Arts Active programme. Feel free to email them with any additional queries.


What do I do if I have a complaint?

In the first instance, please speak to the relevant Arts SU staff member (Sports Coordinator, Creative Activities Manager, Arts Active Coordinator) to seek advice. If you wish to make a formal complaint you can find our complaints procedure outlined here, under the section 'Procedures and Forms'.