Contract Checking Service

Arts SU Advice Service offers a contract checking service so you can make an informed decision about a property you are considering renting. To access the service just get in touch and send us a copy of your contract. We’ll have a look and make some notes highlighting any concerns we might have.

We’d recommend you read through your contract before you sign it. At a minimum make sure you can answer the following questions and have the answers in writing. If you can’t, we would recommend speaking with your landlord to get clarity and then include them as part of your contract.

  1. How much is the deposit and how will your landlord protect it?
  2. How much is the rent? When does it have to be paid? Are there fees for late payment?
  3. Does your rent include heating / electric bills / council tax / broadband bills or are there any additional charges you will need to cover?
  4. How long is the contract for? Can you leave early?
  5. If there is a problem in the house who has to fix it?

Your contract can only extend the rights given to you in legislation, it can’t reduce them. Your contract may say one thing but your landlord may be legally required to do something else to meet their legal obligations.

For example, your contract might say

“The landlord will make a decision on how much of the deposit is returned to the tenant. Their decision will be final.”

But legislation says that when a property is rented using an agreement called an Assured Shorthold Tenancy then all deposits taken must be protected in a tenancy deposit scheme. It is the scheme who will decide how much the tenant gets back if the landlord withholds more than what is fair.

There are lots of examples we could give but if in doubt send us your contract and we can look into any questions you have. 

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