Drawing up an Inventory

If there is a dispute at the end of your tenancy an inventory can be used as evidence to compare the condition of the property before and after your move in.

Ideally, the inventory should be completed by the landlord, the first day you move into the property and you should both receive a copy of the agreed inventory.

Here are some tips for preparing an inventory if your landlord doesn’t prepare one.

  • Inspect each room thoroughly, make a note of everything, even if it seems small now.
  • Take photos of everything too (if you can put a date stamp on your photo).
  • Make a word document and set out a grid like the example below. Include the room, the condition of the things in the room and the photos that correspond to it.





The floor is in perfect condition

Photo 1-4


The sink has a chip on the top right corner

Photo 5

  • Save the document and photos in a safe place (back them up online if you can).
  • You should also send a copy to your landlord.

If you have any questions around preparing in inventory then get in touch using the details below.

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