Moving Out Checklist

Here’s your quick reference checklist for a smooth exit!

1. Tell your landlord or agency that you’re moving out 📣

Keep your landlord or agency informed about when you’re moving out of the property. You may have to give notice.

2. Look at your tenancy agreement 👀

Most contracts have a move out procedure. Check yours and follow all the terms. Arts SU offers a FREE contract checking service if you have any questions!

3. Check your inventory 📝

If your landlord provided you with an inventory of your accommodation at the beginning of your tenancy, now is the time to dig it out. If there have been any changes or damages take a note and make sure you aren’t charged for damages that weren’t your fault!

4. Check your meters 🔍

If you’re responsible for paying your bills, take meter readings (and time-stamped photos) before you move out.

5. Pay your bills and cancel your contracts 💸

Make sure all your bills have been paid up to the date you intend to leave. If you have any contracts, such as broadband or telephone, contact your provider to cancel.

6. Cleaning 🚿

This is one of the most common reasons people have their deposit taken! Make sure you clean your property from top to bottom. Some landlords are more particular than others so be thorough, don’t forget the fridge-freezer, oven, carpets, tumble dryer and behind your furniture!

Make sure you dispose of any rubbish and empty the bins before you go.

7. Donations and collection of unwanted items 💖

Time to do some good! Donate any unused food to a London Foodbank… you can find one here.

Give your unwanted books, clothes, furniture and household items to your local charity shop. Each year, we hold a Big Clear Out at each campus for you to donate your old materials, tools and supplies. Just contact your College Coordinator to find out more. For bulkier items, The British Heart Foundation offers home collections.

8. Take photos before you leave 📸

No, we don’t mean a selfie! If you can, turn on the time-stamp feature on your camera so you can prove how the property looks when you leave.

9. Get your post forwarded to your new place ✉️

To have your mail redirected to your new address check out the Royal Mail website here.

10. Deposit 💰

If you follow the steps above you’ll be on your way to getting your deposit back. It’s your landlord or agency’s responsibility for giving you your deposit. Your deposit should have been protected by a tenancy deposit scheme. If there are any problems, you can dispute this with your deposit scheme.

And that’s it! If you have any problems, as always, we’re here to help!


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