In response to student requests, Arts SU has been busy inviting and introducing UAL students to creative professionals with support from commonplace.

We have recorded as many of the talks and discussions as possible for you to download or stream.

Please listen and share our podcasts including:

  • Future of Pop-Ups
  • How to Price your Art work  
  • Artists' Employment Rights

Also join Arts SU on social media tell us what you want to discuss and what type of speakers you want to come to UAL.

Made in Arts London Talk Q&A Sell Your Art Work And Making A Living


MiAL Talk - MiAL artist Olly Fathers gives advice on how to sell your work:


MiAL Talk - MiAL artist Emily Carter's gives advice on how to sell your work:


Arts SU Industry Talk - Roundtable discussion - Alice Mayor, Founder of We Built This City:



Arts SU/ MiAL Talk - Intersectionality & Art - Aaron McPeake, Rudy Loewe, Othello Hartley D'Souza:

Intersectionality is a concept that describes the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another.
This talk looks at intersectionality within the art world/ art market and how it affects emerging artists trying to build a career today. 






Arts SU MiAL Industry Talk - Cultural Capital  - Francesca Cavallo, Simon Hinde, Lydia Cowpertwait:
Part 1:


Part 2:


Arts SU Industry Talks - 'Your Future in Art' - Artist Stuart Semple:



Arts SU MiAL Panel Talk - Emerging Artists - Navigating the Art world - Ceri Hand, Justin Hammond, Rosa Harvest:

This discussion revolves around the extensive experience of our speakers in supporting emerging artists, and will aim to offer advice on how to break into one of the most daunting markets in the world, the art market.



Xhibit Professional Development Day - Do It Yourself For Artists - Dave Charlesworth:



Arts SU Indusrty Talk - Advice on Pricing and Selling your artwork -

Part 1: Dave Charlesworth artist, curator, Jessica Hall of Affordable Art Fair:

Part 2: David Blandy artist, Jessica Carlisle gallerist, Jessica Hall:


Arts SU Industry Talks - Employment Rights & Tax For Artists And Designers  Leanne Good:

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