Register To Vote


UK general election on the 12th of December 2020.

Registration deadline is 26th November 11:59pm.

Deadline for postal registration is 26th November 5pm


16+ (18+ to able to vote)

A UK citizen

An Irish, EU (can't vote in the general election) or Commonwealth citizen with a permanent UK address. UAL students, that's you!

Have a National Insurance Number (will be on a payslip)


Find your National Insurance Number. If you don’t know your NI number go here:

If you’ve never had one go here: Follow the simple step by step form at this website:

Won't be at home on the 12 of December?

Postal voting is where you have your polling card sent before the election. You fill it out and send it back. Key thing to remember is to actually send it back on time. Deadline for this is 5pm 26th of November. Fill out this form to register as a postal voter:

If you are going to be out of the country you can register for a proxy vote. This means someone you trust and will vote for the candidate you tell them, fills out your polling card on your behalf. Once you've registered normally then use this link to specify for having a proxy vote:

Homeless/ no fixed address:

If you are homeless you can still register and vote. Just use an address you spend most of your time in. This could be a shelter, a bench, a shop, your UAL college.

Don't want your name on the electoral register due to safety reasons:

If you feel being on the electoral register will put your safety at risk you can register to vote anonymously using this link:

What next?

Feel proud of yourself for being part of democracy

Start having a think about who you would like to vote for.

Vote! The general election is on the 12th of December. Polling booths are open 7am-10pm on Polling Day. Don't forget.