Martin Bailey

External Trustee

Martin Bailey

Hi Everyone, I'm Martin Bailey, and I've been one of the External Trustees for ArtsSU since 2014. All the way back in 2009, I was a sabbatical officer and officer trustee myself at Sheffield Students' Union and held roles in various NUS Committees and NUS Services Board in 2010.

Being an External Trustee means that I have been appointed to the board for my outside professional experience, and therefore an ability to bring a different viewpoint to trustee board discussions as we make decisions on strategy, staffing, student experience and other key issues that the board deals with. Nowadays after a stint on Whitehall and in the City, I work for the Scottish Government, working to create new jobs in the financial services and technology sectors. I love being a Trustee at Arts, the Union is so different to my own student experience and we always do our best to think about what we can do that makes ArtsSU something special and unique to Arts students, and not just another students' union you might find anywhere else in the country, which we achieve through incredible platforms like MadeInArtsLondon.

Want to know more about the work of the SU, what I do, how the board works, or anything else? Drop me a message.

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