UAL does not have its own service for students who want to do voluntary work, however students interested in volunteering opportunities could consider those offered by the Mayor of London’s office

These opportunities are checked by the Mayor’s Office for safety and authenticity. You can sort them by area to find the ones most convenient for you, and also by type, for example if you would like to do something creative or related to your studies.

Why volunteer?

There are lots of reasons why students volunteer, for example, to contribute to and meet people in the local community, to learn new skills, to gain work experience, to just do something different…

Note that UAL is actively against students doing unpaid work. Volunteering is different to unpaid work although sometimes the difference is not very clear. The legal differences relate to the context of the work (charity or third sector) and the documentation or paperwork (job description vs a volunteering agreement).

A student considering a volunteering opportunity should think about the following questions:

  • What will I gain from the experience? (networks, experience, skills, CV etc)
  • Can I afford to take it on?
  • How much time can I give?
  • How much value am I adding through the work?
  • Is this a community or cause that I am passionate about?
  • How does this sit with my existing life/study/work commitments?

Talk to our Welfare Officer, if you have questions about volunteering!