Xhibit 2020 How to apply

Prep – Bring your work to a ‘college viewing day’

We will be hosting viewing days in the run up to the deadline for submissions in every college. This is so members of the panel can see your work first hand, and is designed for those who feel their work may not be fairly represented by only one image. Please note: This is not compulsory. All work submitted will be seen by the judges. To find out when the viewing days are please jump to our FAQs page where these are clearly listed. You will need to email Sophie Risner (Arts Programmer, Arts SU) to book on: s.risner@su.arts.ac.uk.

Step 1 - Submit your work via the online form
Please upload one main image. This will be the work that the judges base their initial decision on. Supporting images won’t be looked at until much later in the judging process (if at all dependent on time), so make that main image count! You can also provide a supporting statement about your work but again this won’t be looked at until later in the process.

Step 2 – The judging day
The judging panel meet to review all of the submissions. In the first round they look at the main image submitted, leaving in images they want to know more about, disqualifying images they don’t. Think Tinder swiping yes or no. This process continues until the judges have decided on their final line up. They will refer to additional images and supporting information in the later stages of the judging process to tease out final submissions.

Step 3 – Notification
Once the panel has selected the participants for Xhibit 2020 all applicants will be notified. If you are selected you will be told about the next steps. If you are not selected we will provide information on additional opportunities from Arts SU. Sadly personalised feedback from the panel is not possible due to amount of applications.

Terms and conditions
1. Applicants can only enter one piece/body of work. If you enter more than one piece/body of work both submissions will be rejected.
2. All applicants must be current UAL students at the point of application.
3. Work must have been made whilst studying at UAL.
4. To identify images we request that you name your file your student number e.g 0220162.jpg / 0220162.png etc. Images uploaded without being saved as your student number will not be accepted and your submission will be rejected. The first image uploaded will be considered your main image - all subsequent images will be considered supporting content and may not be reviewed until later in the process / if at all.
5. Work must already exist and not be a proposal for unfinished work.
6. If you are selected to take part in Xhibit 2020 your work must be available from Monday 13th of April - Sunday 3rd of May, 2020.

Top tips
Keep it simple. The panel won’t have seen your work before and don’t need to hear your life story, just tell them what they need to know.
Make sure your one image is a killer one! Engaging, high quality, detailed and clear.
Do the admin. Make sure you check the terms and conditions above and upload your files in the right format.

Due to the amount of submissions we receive we are unable to offer detailed feedback on your submission. Good luck!

Get in touch

Still confused? Got a question we haven't answered? Please contact Sophie Risner Arts Programmer.