Your Representatives

Every year students elect other students to lead Arts SU and represent them at a college, university, and national level.

Sabbatical Officers


Eleanor West

Activities Officer and Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Link Officer


Amber Goneni

Campaigns Officer and CSM Link Officer


Anita Israel

Anita Israel

Education Officer and LCC Link Officer

Pinky Web Format

Pinky Latt

Welfare Officer and LCF Link Officer


Part-Time Officers

Wimbledon Officer

Maria Ines Sousa Maia Maia

CSM Officer

Abenah Gonzalez


LCC Officer

Tania Nana

LCF Officer

Jeong Min Kim


Chelsea Officer

Laura Alice Wheeldon

Camberwell Officer

Charles Alexander Davison


LGBTQ Officer

Elric John Stockley

International Students' Officer

Samuel Thoumieux


Part Time and Mature Students' Officer

Vacant / Nominate Yourself!

Postgraduate Officer

Vacant / Nominate Yourself!


Disabled Students' Officer

Pascale Gourlay

Foundation Officer

Clara Bach


Black Students' Officer

Naomi-Ria Williams

Women's Officer

Shannon Bono