Updated: 13th Jan 2020

Tuition fee refund:  

Unfortunately, the university's official response is that it would not be able to continue running at all if it did a full bailout for students. This is due to lack of financial support from the government, who in turn are putting the onus on institutions. We are continuing to lobby about refunds, to both UAL and the government.  


Arts SU Petition (Open Letter to UAL) : https://www.change.org/p/ual-s-board-of-governors-an-open-letter-to-ual 

National Union of Students US Petition: https://www.nus.org.uk/campaign-hub/students-deserve-better?i=0 

What has the SU done to support students in COVID? 

  • Successfully lobbied for the UAL Hardship Fund to be set up and available for international students as well as home students. An extra £500,000 was added to this fund due to COVID with more funding to come for 2021. 
  • Successfully campaigned for students in Halls to be let out of their contracts at no further cost during the first national lockdown. 
  • Successfully lobbied the university to hire more counsellors to meet the increased demand for student mental health support due to COVID. 
  • Successfully lobbied for self-certified Extenuating Circumstances and relaxation of academic regulations due to Covid. 
  • Pushed for the No Detriment policy to be kept for 2021. The university is now working to re-integrate this policy into academic regulations due to the new national lockdown. 
  • Lobbied for Library and Student Services to establish a robust COVID-safe click and collect system, which is ahead of the curve among universities. 

How can you find out about what we’re up to now and for the future? 

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