Transgender Awareness Week takes place annually between the 13th-19th November to bring attention to the experiences of transgender and non-binary people. Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place each year on November 20th to honour the memory of transgender people whose lives have been lost to transphobic violence.  

At Arts SU we stand in solidarity with our transgender, non-binary and gender questioning students and staff. Year round, we will be raising awareness and challenging the prejudice and discrimination faced by members of the community. We believe in an inclusive, safer and more supportive UAL, and we understand this to be of particular importance this year with the impact of the Gender Recognition Act.  

We recognise the impact trans activists have had in progressing LGBTQIA+ rights, and as a power for societal change at large. We aim to empower and uplift our trans and non-binary community. We will do this through providing safe spaces for trans and non-binary students; supporting student-led opportunities to connect and be heard; educating on issues faced by trans and non-binary people; challenging systemic injustices; and through showcasing and celebrating trans and non-binary creatives across the arts.  

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Queering Voice AI: Trans Centred Design Symposium
Celebrating Trans Awareness Week, Arts Students Union joins up with UAL's Creative Computing Institute and Feminist Internet. Explore how voice interfaces could be designed to support the embodied wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.
Trans Awareness Week
Trans and Non-Binary Life Drawing
Celebrating Trans Awareness Week, Arts Students Union joins up with Goldsmiths Students Union to host a life drawing session with trans and disabled model and activist Leo Aces Collins and facilitated by Breakfast Bodies.
Trans Awareness Week
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