Below is a list of support services, groups and programmes across UAL and the Arts Students’ Union specific to Black students.  
For a downloadable version of the directory click here.
The directory has been made in collaboration with the African Caribbean Society.

Active Campaigns

This paper was written to further a conversation that has been ongoing between UAL and Arts SU. Through our student and staff testimonies the paper highlights the systemic issues which arise, and in doing so, put a spotlight on the role race, class and privilege play at UAL.
Zine created by UAL students of colour examining the decolonisation of the arts curriculum.
A blog that supports the Decolonising the Arts Curriculum: Perspectives on HE Zine.
An anonymous safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) UAL Students, graduated and staff to voice their experiences.
An online platform dedicated to the continuation of the widely supported ‘End Racism In UAL’ Campaign and petition, with aims to continue the conversation around racism with education. Ran by former Education officer Anita Israel and former ACS President and UAL student Armani Sutherland.
A UK-wide cross-university action group led by students that emerged as a response to the disruption of studio-based learning by the pandemic, of which UAL students have become a part of.
Facebook group, run by UAL students, to show solidarity in a united student body.

Academic Support

An independent program within UAL that creates opportunities for marginalised groups and their need for safe spaces to articulate self-determination and liberate the struggles from oppressive structures both in education and society.
Library staff can help students access specific resources and the archive. Students can recommend books and resources for the library to purchase.
A reseach institute at UAL which seeks to challenge colonial and imperial legacies and drive social, cultural and institutional change.
An online platform aims creating a space to share, discuss and have your voice heard on topics that matter to you, ran by UAL students.

Wellbeing Services

Offers a point of contact for students to report incidents and access support in relation to racism, bullying, harassment or sexual violence.
Provides advice and information to students at UAL on registering with a doctor in the UK and about any other aspect of health and well-being.
UAL offers free, one-to-one, confidential counselling to students at each College, as well as at the Student Centre in High Holborn.

Careers & Employment


A series of talks and instagram account profiling black artists. Run by Creative Shift, part of University of the Arts London Careers + Employability

Decolonised Networking

A network committed to producing professional and productive networking events for young POC (people of colour) in South London.

Creative Shift

Creative Shift, part of UAL's Careers and Employability, are dedicated to supporting students who are underrepresented in the creative industries. They offer additional mentoring, internships, funding and projects for UAL students.

Creative Opportunities

Black Artists & Modernism

Black Artists & Modernism (BAM) is a three-year research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as a collaboration between University of the Arts London and Middlesex University.


The Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation is a forum for historical, theoretical and practice-based research in architecture, art, communication, craft and design.

Undertones – Casting Agency

A casting agency and minority platform started by UAL students that aims to diversify the fashion industry.

Sick Love Zine

An online platform concerned with the issues that affect young creatives run by UAL students.