Disability History Month takes place every year, with this year’s dates falling between the 18th November – 18th December. This year’s official theme is access, looking toward the past, present and future of accessibility and justice for disabled people. More information on this can be found on the UK Disability History Month websiteInternational Day of Disabled People takes place on the 3rd December. 

At Arts SU, we are committed to supporting and amplifying the voices and experiences of our disabled students and staff. We will be raising awareness and improving education around disability justice, including disabled histories and futures, art, and activism. We recognise that disability takes many forms and that it is important to recognise the intersections at which disability exists.  

Across the year, we will be working with our Activities Officer, Disabled Students Officer and the Disabled Intersectional Voices in the Arts (DIVA) Society to improve support, opportunities, wellbeing and accessibility for disabled students and staff at UAL. This includes: 

  • Platforming and celebrating disabled students and creatives 
  • Working with students to challenge the university and wider systemic injustices 
  • Improving physical and digital accessibility 
  • Facilitating safe social spaces for disabled students 
  • Connecting disabled students with the wider disabled community at UAL and beyond 
  • Making university processes more transparent 
  • Supporting sustainable and continual change by and for disabled students 

Statements from our Full-Time Officers Eleanor West (Activities Officer) and Yasmeen Thantrey (Campaigns Officer) marking the International Day of Disabled Persons 

Eleanor's Statement: VIEW HERE 

Yasmeen's Statement: VIEW HERE 

Arts SU staff got involved on the day too, wearing purple to show their support and solidarity for International Disabled Persons Day

Disability History Month Events
Q&A with Dr Kai Syng Tan: Art & Accessibility
Zoom (link provided after registration)
A Q&A with Dr Kai Syng Tan to discuss her own practice as a neurodivergent artist. We'll explore barriers faced by disabled artists, address accessibility issues within the arts and talk about experiences as a creative during the pandemic.
Disability History Month
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