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The Society is being established following a successful Day of Action to Remember Nature! held in The Street at Central Saint Martins on 4th November 2019, four years to the day after Gustav Mezger (1926 - 2017) issued his call for action for artists to remember nature, also on The Street:

“The art, architecture and design world needs to take a stand against the ongoing erasure of species – even where there is little chance of ultimate success. It is our privilege and our duty to be at the forefront of the struggle. There is no choice but to follow the path of ethics into aesthetics. We live in societies suffocating in waste.”  - Gustav Metzger, 4th November 2015


In the face of Climate Emergency and the mass extinction of species, The Society’s principle aim is to:

Organise an annual Day of Action to Remember Nature, on or about 4th November each year, in order to encourage and support all members of the UAL community to actively engage creatively, politically, practically or through research in taking forward our responsibility to respond to Metzger’s clarion call.


Our objectives are:

  1. To organise an inclusive and participative annual Day of Action to Remember Nature, building out from CSM until all UAL colleges are taking part each year

  2. To participate in and support the UAL declaration of Climate Emergency, and to offer a focus on extinctions and eco-system breakdown.

  3. To offer support (speakers, information, activities) to other student societies, research groups and other groupings to better understand and support the need to tackle ecological breakdown and extinctions

  4. To hold a programme of student activities through the year (e.g. walks/cycling, film screenings, socials, workshops)

  5. To raise awareness of the need to act across UAL and in the wider community.

In particular we wish to support, empower and facilitate these issues with other student societies.


Planned Events/Activities

Our first major event will be a Day of Action to Remember Nature on 4th November 2020.    But before that we plan to hold a social and initial meeting of the Society early in the Summer term (details to follow).  We also plan to hold events in at least two colleges this academic year.