This society is currently on pause because it has no committee members for the year 2021/22. If you would be interested in restarting this society we would love to hear from you!


If you would like to see this Society back, please email the Societies Development Coordinator Megan Cunningham (m.cunningham@su.arts.ac.uk) and she will talk you through the process. Being a committee member can be a very rewarding way to create the communities you want to be a part of.


We are Remember Nature, a new UAL society for sustainability and arts! 

What’s our story?

It is established following a successful Day of Action to Remember Nature held at Central Saint Martins on 4th November 2019, this was four years after Gustav Mezger (1926 - 2017) issued his call for action for artists to remember nature. This Society is created in order to get students from across all UAL together to join the same conversation on the links between art and nature.

Why Remember Nature?

Humankind can choose instead to adopt an auto-creative, ecological approach to Nature. One where we work alongside the other than human world; where we value all life on this planet and not just our own; where our reason, technologies and behaviours align with Nature and do not seek to dominate.

Want to take part?

This Society is shaped by students and for students, feel free to come along and join the Remember Nature conversation. 
Share your art and thoughts with us!! 


Planned Events/Activities

Our first major event will be a Day of Action to Remember Nature on 4th November 2020. But before that we plan to hold a social and initial meeting of the Society early in the Summer term (details to follow).  We also plan to hold events in at least two colleges this academic year.