We at the C.U.L.T. are a community made up of people from all backgrounds. We represent a network for sharing and community, ranging from ethnicity and culture to interests and hobbies. We aim to use this community to unite those who may differ so much on the surface, but in reality are no different from their fellow people in one way or another. This unification may be done in a variety of ways, ranging from socials and gatherings (post lockdown) to movie nights and city tours, allowing you to meet new people of all different types. This community will also be used to change the university in many ways, all for the better of the students that study there, whether it be by decolonising the curriculum or creating a safe space for students to escape their daily worries.


Planned Events/Activities

A regular podcast, discussion panels, movie viewings and so much more. We are hoping to put on as many online socials and events as possible during this time and can expand to exhibitions, tours and outdoor activities after lockdown.




Contact Details




Instagram: @ual.cult