The French and Friends Society is a community open to everybody and anybody who is french speaking or enjoys the overall french culture. We aim to create a true family-like community and a real sense of belonging for our members. The main goal of this social society is to meet other french speakers that are outside of your course, create projects, make friends and help each other out. We want to have art-orientated social, cultural and political events that nurture our french culture. 



All events will be in person. This year, we aim to host weekly events including movie nights, night outs, food and wine tasting sessions, debate nights, coffee meet ups, exhibitions, pic-nics, nightclubs, flat parties, board game nights, cooking classes…
We aim to have collaborations with other French societies from other London schools as well as with other societies from UAL. So you’ll get the opportunity to meet plenty of new people!

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

You become part of our community and gain access to a range of exclusive events for free or at discounted rates that do not apply to non-members. 

What does my membership fee go towards?

Your membership fee goes towards creating and running our exclusive events and ensuring that our members get the most out of their experience.

How will I know when events are happening?

Follow us on social media for the run-through of our plans.


Committee 2021/2022


President: Milla Banti (BSc Strategic Fashion Management, LCF)

Treasurer: Lisa Gordon (BSc Strategic Fashion Management, LCF)

Social media officer : Fleur Agier (Interior Design, CCA)

Secretary : Judith Childs (BSc Strategic Fashion Management, LCF)

Event Officer: Michela Cherenti (Interior Design, CCA)

Vice President : Ines Oueslati (BSc Strategic Fashion Management, LCF)

Welcome apéritif at Café del Marsh!
Café del Marsh, 44 Lower Marsh, London
Hey everyone !!  Our first event is next week Wednesday at 7.00PM :) We are throwing a little "aperitif" before Christmas and new year's eve.  You can come by, get a drink and meet every Frenchy at UAL :)  Cant wait to see you all, <3
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