About Us 

We are a collective of queer creatives of colour that aim to create a safe space and environment for other queer POC to make friends and connect with others who resonate with their experiences. It’s a community for those seeking to explore the historical and contemporary contribution of queer indigenous/poc within academic and creative fields. As well as how they want to contribute to these spaces themselves. We aim to host several weekly/monthly events including interactive group discussions, talks on queer POC history, decolonisation, exhibitions, networking events and socials. We are eager to welcome you into this community and look forward to creating a space where one can explore and express their thoughts on the intersectional experience of both being LGBTQ+ and a person of colour, belonging to two worlds and a world of your own. Members are given an opportunity to find like-minded individuals and collectives who can empathise with the uniqueness of this experience. The UAL LGBTQ+ POC society aims to make your university experience in one of the biggest cities in the UK less isolating. 


Planned Events/Activities 

You will be notified of events and group gatherings through the Societies social media pages and emails from those managing the society. 

If you have an idea or have any questions of any particular aspects of our Society, contact the relevant meme er from the committee (see below). 


Contact Details 

Main Society Email Address: ual.poc.lgbtq@gmail.com 

Instagram: @ual_queerpoc 

President: s.abbas0120211@arts.ac.uk 

Vice President: a.rahman0420211@arts.ac.uk 

Treasurer: j.bolarinwa0220211@arts.ac.uk 

Social Media Officer: k.saith0220201@arts.ac.uk 

Vice Social Media Officer: a.rahman0420211@arts.ac.uk 

Social Secretary: p.thompson0620211@arts.ac.uk 

Vice Social Secretary: a.mohammed0420211@arts.ac.uk 

Event Manager: m.rahimishad0420211@arts.ac.uk 

Vice Event Manager: a.mohammed0420211@arts.ac.uk 

No elections are currently running