Do you like games? Do you find Game creation interesting and something you’d like to get involved in doing? Then join the GCS!

At the GCS our goal is to promote a Safe Space for hobbyists and potential practitioners alike to socialise and review each other’s work to promote healthy peer assessment in a semi-professional environment. And if you don’t want to do that, you can just chill and make friends! We also work on mini projects such as an art zine with member artwork to raise money for specific events and other exciting projects in later terms!

Convinced? See you at the GCS!


President - (Kim) Yuxuan Huang (k.huang0220221@arts.ac.uk)

Treasurer - Khai Li (k.li0720221@arts.ac.uk)

Vice President - (Jess) Jessica Matta (j.matta0320221@arts.ac.uk)


No elections are currently running