What is a Course Rep, and what do they do?

Course Reps are student volunteers who are elected by their peers on their course to work with staff and other students to improve the academic experience of everyone studying on their course. They represent the views of their fellow students on things relating to teaching quality and curriculum content, to facility access and a sense of community. 

They do this by:  

  • providing positive feedback to staff on the course about the things which students enjoy 

  • regularly meeting with staff who run their course  to discuss any issues which students are facing on the course,  

  • attending meetings and forums where decisions that affect your course are made to communicate students’ needs to staff so that student voice is at the heart of UAL decisions. 

Many Course Reps also help to run extra-curricular activities such as socials, guest lectures, and group trips.

What are the benefits of being a Course Rep?

As a course rep you will be offered various training to help you confidently fulfill your role. You will have the opportunity to meet with over 1000 other course reps from across UAL and will be invited to various social events throughout the year. This role enables you to develop new skills and build relationships with key staff members at UAL, learn more about how the university operates and how you can make positive changes. 

What is required for me to do the role? 

This role is flexible and fits around your studies, requiring only hours per term and no prior experience is necessary as our staff team will provide all the relevant training and support you need. As well as helping to improve the experience of students on your course both now and in years to come, this is a great opportunity to improve your employability as you will learn new skills and refine skills you already have which will be useful in future job roles.

Please find the Course Representative 21-22 Role Description for further details . 

How do I become a Course Rep?

In your induction to your course, your tutors will talk to you about how to become a Course Rep. They will also explain how the course and staff work with Course Reps, and some examples of things past  Course Reps have achieved.  

As the Students’ Union is your representative body,  your Course Leader will work with us to organise an election, and any student studying at UAL can nominate themselves to become a Course Rep for their course. We have different course reps for every year of study too so once your year group votes to decide who will be their Course Reps for the year, the Course Reps will attend the training run by the Students’ Union.

Who is my Course Rep?

If you don’t know who your Course Rep is, simply email your Course Leader to ask who they are and what their email is. 

If your course doesn’t have any Course Reps, get in touch with the SU by emailing coursereps@su.arts.ac.uk to let us know, and we can help you and your course get some Course Reps in place. 

Course Rep Drop-in

The Course Rep Drop-in is an opportunity for reps to speak with one of the Student Union team directly via Zoom.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, then this is your space to do just that. Perhaps you want to understand more about the Student and Dean Forum, or you want some tips on engaging your course for feedback, maybe you've got some ideas on how to improve the rep experience - whatever the topic, we are here to help. 

The drop-in session is held every two weeks and will last for two hours, you are welcome to join the meeting at any time to speak with the staff member. To find out dates and times, please email coursereps@su.arts.ac.uk 

Course Rep Activities