2022 - Leadership Election Results 

Full-Time Officers 

Your Full-Time Officers for the 2022/23 academic year will begin the role from June 2022 until June 2023. 



Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Officer

Kim Hughes

London College of Fashion Officer

Ti'Onne Debnam

London College of Communication Officer

Sophia Nasif

Central Saint Martins Officer

Minna Ellis

Student Communities Officer

Armani Sutherland

Union Affairs Officer

Ellie Short

Part-Time School Representatives 

Your Part-Time (Voluntary) School Representatives for the 2022/23 academic year will begin their role from September 2022 until June 2023.  



CCW – Art School

Ellie Shepherdson

Yuxin Shi

CCW – Design School

Thanyatorn Sanguankiattisuk

Alise Anderson

CCW – Performance & Foundation

Alexandra "Lexa" Barbulescu

Karl Andress

CSM: Art & Performance Department

Esme Godkin

Nick Chang

CSM : C&E, GCD & Spatial Practices Department

Zainab Goriawala Eleanor Beckman

CSM: Fashion, JTM, PCID Department

Elena-Dariana Pintilii

Isabella Chipana Ocampo

LCC: Design School

Karen Maley

Lynn Marji

LCC: Media School

No Candidates – x2 vacant positions

LCC: Screen School

Nia Atherley x1 Vacant position

LCF: Fashion Business

Luca Upper

LCF: Design & Technology

No Candidates – x 2 vacant positions

LCF: Media & Communications

Katwamba Mutale

Dongha Kim


Full Results Breakdowns:

Please find below a full breakdown of the Results Count. If you would like to organise a session explaining the Results stage by stage, please contact democracy@su.arts.ac.uk.

Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Officer Results 

London College of Communication Officer Results 

London College of Fashion Officer Results 

Central Saint Martins Officer Results 

Union Affairs Officer Results 

Communities Officer Results 

Results for school representatives are available upon request via democracy@su.arts.ac.uk 

Photos of the evening:

Photos from the evening taken by our photographer can be accessed here

Full Results Announcement :

Click Here - to view the results slides.