In the Autumn Elections, you elected Part-time Officers and NUS Delegates who campaign for equality, accessibility and state of the art facilities. Work to improve student experience for your peers, and implement your vision for a better, brighter UAL.

They make the change you want to see at UAL. 

What were the roles up for election in Autumn 2020?

Part Time Officers

College Officers | Camberwell | Chelsea | CSM | LCC | LCF | Wimbledon 

Liberation Officers | BAME Students | Disabled Students | International Students | LGBTQ | Trans | Women

Section Officers | Mature and Part-Time | Postgraduate | Foundation 

Part-time, voluntary positions that work alongside your existing academic timetable. Receive a dedicated budget and ongoing training & support to run events, campaigns and initiatives which shape and advance your college or student group. 

NUS Delegates 

NUS National Conference will take place in March 2021 and is attended by 1000+ delegates from Student Union's across the country. 

Being an NUS delegate is a great opportunity to shape the future of student politics. During the conference, you have three main roles: voting to elect the national executive, voting on policy and voting on reports. It is your job to hold the national executive to account and set the priorities for student campaigning over the coming year. 

Arts SU funds all travel and accommodation for delegates. 

First of all, well done to every student who ran in this election. It's never easy to put yourself out there, stand up for what you believe in and ask your peers to cast a vote for you - not least during a pandemic! Each and every one of you should be proud of the work you put in over the last few weeks, of the campaign you ran and the votes you recieved!

The winners of the Autumn 2020 Elections we're as follows:

Disabled Students' Officer: Georgia Spencer

International Students' Officer: Eric Zhong

LGBTQ+ Students' Officer: Justin South

Trans Students' Officer: Kairo Urovi

Women's Officer: Cloe Patsalides

Camberwell Officer: Ola Opalinska

Chelsea Officer: Hannah Billett

CSM Officer: Ken Nakajima

LCC Officer: Alisa Filiushina

LCF Officer: Ti'onne Debnam

Wimbledon Officer: Henri Affandi

PG Officer: Varun Murli

NUS Delegates: Ti'onne Debnam, Yasmeen Thantrey, Zsofia Sarosi, Axel Espana Flores

Congratulations to all our Winners - we're really looking forward to working with you this year and can't wait to see what you do!

Click here to see a full breakdown of the results.