We want to ensure that all candidates who run in an Arts SU Election feel supported, empowered and equipped to run the best campaigns possible. We've put together a number of tools and resources to help you put together your campaigns and develop your createive and professional skills - have fun! 

1. Candidate Handbook

This handbook gives you all of the information you need to run in the Arts SU Election. Once you've applied, please make sure to complete the Candidate Agreement Form on page 14, and email this to democracy@su.arts.ac.uk.

2. Candidate Training Ppt

These are the slides delivered at the Candidate training sessions. They include an overview of the rules and regulations, key dates & contacts, and other useful information.

3. Campaigning Resources

These documents contain useful hints and tips to enable you to build a fantastic election campaign.

Campaigns Workshop Powerpoint

SMART Goal Setting

Building a Social Media Campaign

4. Candidate Training Recording

If you would like a recording of the Candidate Training Session, please email democracy@su.arts.ac.uk and we can send you a link to download via WeTransfer. 

5. Manifesto Examples

Example Manifesto #1 - Activities Officer

Example Manifesto #2 - Welfare Officer

6. Poster Templates (Landscape & Portrait Footers) 

This is an example template of a candidate poster/social media post


7. Delivering an Elevator Pitch in a lecture 

This is an example of an elevator pitch video.

Click here to watch

8. Example election video

This is a fun and creative example of an election video that aims to enterain as well as inform. 

Click here to watch

9. STV (Single Tranferable Voting) Explained'

This is a handy video to example our voting system Single Tranferable Voting. 

Click here to watch

10. 'Do's and Don'ts for candidates'

NUS created this video to help candidates know how to best run their campaigns. 

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11. Candidate Hustings


12. Candidate Manifesto and Poster Booklet


13. Club & Society Endorsements