How you can get involved!

As a member-led organisation, we are always wanting to ensure that our decisions and priorities are directed by our students; your voice and experiences always being at the forefront. To do this successfully we want to ensure there is always a direct line between our members and our decision making through effective feedback channels to listen and respond to the diverse needs of the student body to drive positive change at UAL, ensuring that every student has a chance to influence our work. 

1.  Contacting your representative - raise a query or question with us from which we can put you directly in touch with your course rep, a student Officer or support staff to help you. 

*We are currently in the process of creating an all-encompassing form to raise a query, but until this is created please email 

2. Submit an idea – we are always wanting to hear and act upon your ideas to what actions the SU should be taking on your behalf. You can submit an idea on our website which if upvoted by fellow students, will then be taken forward by the SU and Officers. Submit your idea here.

3. Student Forums - every term we hold a forum with students to feedback to the SU, speak to their representatives and determine key actions/positions the SU should take on the issues affecting the student body. Check out our 'What's On' page to see when the forums are held.  

4. Annual Members Meeting – each year in November we hold an AGM which is an open meeting accessible to all our members to hear from your representatives on key developments with the University, review our finances and determine decisions affecting the organisation.