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What are Arts SU elections?

Arts SU is an independent, democratic organisation (charity) led by students who are elected by our 22,000 members (UAL students). In our elections, students can stand to be, and vote for, elected student leaders, some voluntary, and some paid. These representatives are your voice and act on your behalf in the Union, University and wider community fighting for you on an institutional, local and national level. It is so important for students to take part and vote in these elections so that individuals are elected who represent YOUR views. 

In the Arts SU Elections, students can elect your FULL-TIME OFFICERS and SCHOOL REPS. Full-time Officers are paid roles, which you can do after, or by taking a year out from, or your studies. The Officers steer the directions of the SU and represent all UAL students at University, College and national-level. School Reps are voluntary positions and represent student views to the University and Colleges at School level to improve the student experience on anything related to their studies.

Election Timeline

  • Standing (Nomination) Opens*

    Monday 9th JAN | 10:00 

  • Standing Closes

    Tuesday 21st FEB | 12:00 

  • Mandatory Candidate Briefing

    Thursday 23rd FEB | 12:00 / Friday 24rd FEB | 12:00

  • Publicity (Manifesto) Deadline**

    Tuesday 28th FEB | 12:00

  • Campaigning Begins

    Fri 03rd MAR | 12:00

  • Candidate Question Time

    Fri 03rd MAR | 15:00

  • Voting Opens

    Mon 06th MAR | 10:00

  • Voting Closes

    Friday 10th MAR | 14:00

  • Results Announcement

    Friday 10th MAR | 19:00

* Standing Is when students can put themselves forward for an available role.

** Candidates produce publicity which includes the ideas and principles of their campaigns to show how they will represent students.

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