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A photo of two people at an exhibition looking at art and talking.

Arts SU Policy Digest: September 2022

UAL, Higher Education, and Politics policy updates from Arts SU for September 2022.

Wed 21 Sep 2022

Officer Tips: Health

This guide is to inform students of services outside of University that they can access. Some are UK-wide and some are specific to London.

Thu 15 Sep 2022
non-bannerofficer tips

Officer Tips: Outdoor Spaces

London is, of course, a huge city, but there are still many wonderful green spaces/ river walks that are easily accessible. You won’t need a car to feel like you’re out of the city!

Thu 15 Sep 2022
non-bannerofficer tips

Officer Tips: Cultural Spots

London is famous for its art and music scene. The following guide covers some tips on discounts to access these spaces for lower costs and some options for galleries and museums, cinemas, theatres and live music.

Tue 13 Sep 2022
non-bannerofficer tips
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