From time to time UAL may decide it is necessary to discipline a student. We empathise that finding yourself in this situation can be worrying, therefore you can seek our help throughout.? 

Quick facts about Student Disciplinary at UAL 

I’ve been accused of breaching the disciplinary code. What next? 

Depending on what you’re accused of you are likely to be asked to leave the premises for a short period. After this an investigation will take place. 

Average length of process 

This can vary depending on what you have been accused of and how complex the investigation is but the process usually takes up to 6 weeks. 

Unsatisfied with the outcome? 

You can appeal the decision; more information below 


Here is a bit more info… 

If a student is being disciplined, they are often asked to leave campus, at least for a short period of time. After this an investigation is carried out and a hearing will be held. Here is a timeline of the suspension, investigation and hearing. Each element is explained in more detail below. ? 



Up to 3 days 

Initial suspension 


Investigation by manager who suspended student 


Report drawn up 


Report presented to Chair 


Hearing within 3 weeks after investigation ends 

After 3rd day 

Letter explaining suspension and for how long 


2 weeks+ 

If student hasn’t been to or heard from panel they can appeal suspension to Vice Chancellor 


Up to 3 weeks after suspension 



Students can be suspended immediately in some circumstances. Initially, suspension can’t be for more than 3 working days. 

Following this, the student must be sent a letter/email detailing why they have been suspended and for how long. A student can appeal, to the Vice Chancellor, a suspension lasting more than 2 weeks unless a disciplinary hearing has been held or the date is set. 

The hearing should take place within 3 weeks of suspension. 


This is usually conducted by the academic staff member or manager who suspended student. 

Quick remedy will be sought where possible. Potential outcomes at this stage include - 

  • Successful mediation between students, or students and staff 
  • Righting a wrong by paying for damage (but no fine) 
  • Apologising to those affected by inappropriate behaviour 
  • Agreement to certain standards of behaviour in the future. 
  • Agreement to seek a medical assessment if appropriate 

If a quick resolution can’t be found then a Disciplinary Panel will meet. 

Disciplinary Panel Meeting 

The disciplinary panel meeting takes place to consider the investigation report and ask any questions they might still have. 

Hearing should occur no longer than 15 working days after the academic staff member or manager investigation concludes. 

The panel is made up of the following 

  • PVC or Dean (not from students college) 
  • Senior member of central services staff (who usually Chairs the panel) 
  • SU Officer 


One or more of the sanctions below may be applied by the panel: 

  • An apology may be required from the student to the member of staff or other student(s) involved in the original incident 
  • An oral warning to be recorded on the student’s file for a specified period 
  • A reprimand to be written on the student’s file 
  • A written warning and/or requirement to give a written undertaking as to future conduct 
  • Payment to be made for any loss or damage caused either fully or in part 
  • Withdrawal of registration for a period of up to 12 months 
  • Recommend expulsion to the Vice Chancellor. 


If you’re unsatisfied with the outcome of the panel you can appeal by writing to the University Secretary and Registrar no later than 10 days after the notice of the decision. 

What can the Arts SU Advice Service do for me during the UAL Disciplinary process? 

  • Advise you on the process 
  • Help you structure what you will say during the investigation and help you prepare evidence 
  • Attend the student disciplinary panel meeting with you? 
  • Guide you through the appeal if you don’t like the outcome 

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*Correct as of March 2021