Recognising and representing the diverse student community at UAL is a fundamental part of our work at Arts SU. Our mission is to understand the inequality and disparities that exist for our students in arts education and wider society so that we can respond. We want our work to provide a voice and platform to marginalised student communities, actively educating and addressing the barriers that exist.

Inter Faith Week

We are celebrating Inter Faith Week! Throughout this time at the Arts SU, we are strengthening relations between individuals with various religious beliefs.

Inter Faith Week 2023: Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Inter Faith Week takes place this year, with this year’s dates falling between the 12th - 19th November. Our theme at the Arts Student’s Union is officially: Mindfulness and Wellbeing!

All students, religious or non-religious are welcome to join our two events – grab tickets or drop-in! We’re in the works of commissioning a diverse group of students to build a Prayer Tree on campus. Even though we don’t have one yet, you can share your prayers with us here.


Send Prayers


These submissions are confidential and won’t be shared with students. Our Believers Love World society will take up the prayers and these will be done during their church service. Those filling out the form are encouraged to stay anonymous. There is also an option to add these prayers to our future prayer tree.


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