Mental Wellbeing

Last year we asked you about your experiences with mental health and we received over 800 responses. 92% of those who filled it out said they’d experienced a period of poor mental health, yet only 19% of students felt the support UAL had given them was sufficient.

With this information we have been able to lobby the university to increase the budget for counselling by £250,000. Along with this they have doubled the amount of mental health advisors, hired an additional two full time counsellors and extended access to weekends and evenings.

We’re continuing to campaign for better support for mental wellbeing and now have a joint wellbeing action plan with the university which covers the next five years. The high priority issues we will be working on are mandatory mental health awareness training for staff, competent and specialist care for BME and LGBTQ students, and deadline extensions.

We're also working hard on reducing the stigma surrounding mental wellbeing to make it something that we can all regularly talk about. As part of this, we ran a series of events in January 2017 around mental wellbeing, and have created the wellbeing zine full of resources for students.

Have an idea for your own Wellbeing Event? Click here for information on the Mental Wellbeing Project Fund.


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