Want to learn how to showcase your work commercially (and hopefully make a few sales while you’re studying!) but don’t know where to start - apply to Made in Arts London!  

What is Made in Arts London?

We are a non-profit online shop set up over 10 years ago by two students. Our shop is now run by the Arts SU’s Arts Programme team. Our main aim is to support emerging creatives to sustain their practice outside and beyond university. We offer UAL students the opportunity to learn how to sell your work online.

Our main aim is to support emerging creatives to sustain their practice outside and beyond university. We do this through our online shop and partnerships with a variety of creative organisations such as TM LightingAffordable Art Fair: HampsteadFree RangeCass Art and Metro Imaging to name a few. Alongside the sale and exhibiting of work, we also provide free workshops, networking activities and one-to-one advice open to all UAL students and recent graduates through our events programme. 

Why should I apply?

Alongside having your work for sale in our shop you have access to:

  • Free workshops and events on professional development from guest facilitators
  • A launch exhibition
  • You and your work highlighted in a catalogue and online communications
  • Representation for 2 years, regardless of if you graduate during that time

How to apply:

Click the application link and fill in the online form. This opportunity is open to all current students (at time of deadline, which is Wednesday 12th April 2023 at 10pm), and we encourage UAL creatives from any level of study, discipline or college to apply.

Remember you are applying to sell your work on an e-commerce platform. If you’re selling a product or artwork we suggest that you browse the current collections on Made in Arts London. Cohesive collections generally look the most effective, and are often more enticing for our customers and help them to understand you as a creative. Therefore, consider whether the work(s) you are submitting work together as an engaging collection

When pricing your work, please note we take a small commission from each sale of 30%+ VAT, this is lower than the industry standard of 50% +VAT, to cover website costs and support our free professional development events. 

How is this calculated?

If your work sells for £100, we take 30% + VAT

£100 – 30% = £30

VAT (a tax for art sales set at 20% by the government) £30 – 20% = £6

Total= £36

£100 - £36 = £64

£64 is paid to the seller (you!)

We also reimburse you for any postage costs.

What happens once I’ve applied?

Every submission submitted is considered by a panel of external industry experts and feedback is provided regardless of whether you are selected for Made in Arts London's latest collection or not. This is a great way to receive individual, constructive feedback on your work from industry professionals. 

The selection panel members are different every year and include industry professional. The panel are planning to meet in May to look through the works and feedback will be sent out from June.

If you are selected to be a Made in Arts London artist, you will be asked to attend a mandatory induction session, a provisional date of the 28th June has been set.

The application deadline is Wednesday 12th April 2023 at 10pm. But please note, we will be closing this opportunity once we reach 150 applications.

The Rules:

  • Everyone applying individually or as a group/collective must be a current UAL students at time of deadline (12th April 2023)
  • Applications are limited to one entry per person or group/collective
  • Up to 5 works can be submitted (send us the ones you are most proud of!)
  • Students must be eligible to work in the UK*

*Unfortunately the UK government states that students on a Student Route visa (formally known as a T4 visa) cannot be self-employed, which means we are unable to sell your work through this opportunity. You can still apply to receive feedback from the panel on your submission and attend our free events! We are looking into a way to make this opportunity open to all UAL students.

Apply now using our online form!

Click here to access the form

As your Students Union, we aim to make all our opportunities paid or free to participate in. If there are financial barriers stopping you from applying, please note current students, selected for our opportunities are able to access our showcase Fund. For example, this could be to cover costs such as printing, framing or transport.

Want more?

We're planning to host some workshops on skills we think might help you prepare your application and general creative practice around the following themes:

  • Writing and talking about your practice
  • Photographing your work (sculptures, performances, prints, painting, models and so on)
  • Pricing your work or time
  • Editioning and framing

Check back here or follow Arts SU on socials for announcements. In the meantime you may also find our Resources page useful.