Arts SU Summer Residency 2019: Tobi Alexandra Falade

Tobi Falade was selected for the Arts SU Summer Residency in 2019.

Each year the Students' Union offers the opportunity for one graduate of that year the chance to work from a central London studio for 12 weeks.

The Residency opportunity is a fantastic way to develop your practice further ensuring that you still have a place to work post-degree and a space to think.

Tobi Falade

1. How did you hear about the residency?

Arts SU Website or The Arts SU Newsletter.

2. What did you propose for the residency and how do you feel that compares with how it panned out?

I proposed an exhibition of artworks I created during the residency and a series of events around the themes of my work to engage with the exhibition. I didn't end up having any events as I was too busy during October to fulfil that properly.

3. Do you feel that 12 weeks was long enough?

Yes, it was a vast amount of time to work through ideas and create new works. It was meant to be a shorter residency but due to internal circumstances I had a few extra weeks which were really useful in creating new works and putting finishing touches on other works as the deadline approached quicker than I thought.

4. What would you say you learnt during your time and as a result of the residency?

I learned a lot about materials and now feel very confident in my command of oil paints, mediums and supports. I learned how to manange time better as an artist working for a living in London post-university.

5. What was one of the biggest challenges with the residency?

Learning how to balance studio time with other parts of working life and still managing to be very focused on my artistic practice. The space was sometimes difficult for someone with a painting-specific practice but I managed to work around this with a fan for some ventilation.

6. What’s next for your artistic career?

I am going to carry on making artworks and I'm looking for a new studio in London and hoping to move there in January 2020. I also have an exhibition coming up in January at the Mall Galleries. Finally I will go to RCA to study MA Painting in Sept 2020, a place I deferred from 2019.

Image credit: Tobi Falade in the Arts SU Exhibition & Project Space Studio, London College of Fashion, High Holborn photographed by Michelle Leano.

Tobi Falade