Our aim is to help you manage your own learning and growth throughout your time studying at UAL and beyond. This can be in the form of: 

  • Understanding the basic principles of becoming a professional creative 
  • Increasing your confidence 
  • Developing your networking skills 
  • Keeping your knowledge and skillset current 
  • Helping you to achieve your career goals 

The Arts SU recognises the role of collaboration as a method to ensure we have a truly student-focused and student-led programme of professional development. Therefore, we platform the importance of continually learning new skills, gaining valuable experience and new knowledge. 

Our programme looks to support UAL students by providing mentoring and quality experiences, while continually reflecting and consulting with you to improve our programme and ensuring that we are truly student led. 

Your Art - at Canopy Market

In the past we have coordinated focused learning in the following areas: 

  • Art Handling and transportation 
  • Marketing your practice and the role of social media 
  • Mindful artistic practice 
  • Exhibition making and the role of curating 
  • Collecting art 
  • How to become represented 

If there is an area of development you would like us to explore, or if there is an organisation that you believe you would positively learn a lot from – please get in touch with the Arts Programme team to talk it through. 

Please contact Katie Hughes, Arts Programme Manager on katie.hughes@su.arts.ac.uk

Your Art - at Free Range