Showcasing the best emerging creatives from UAL, Xhibit is our annual exhibition open to all current students, you can be at any level and studying any discipline to apply. There are no themes or constraints.  

The exhibition reflects the diverse range of creativity at UAL and offers those involved a unique chance for collaboration, exhibition and development - championing their work to a wider audience.  

Selected Xhibit artists receive personalised feedback from the selection panel, personalised exhibition-making experience, curatorial guidance, installation knowledge, exhibition exposure, professional development, a place in our yearly Xhibit catalogue and critical feedback on your work as well as securing a place in the longest running open call exhibition opportunity for students at UAL.

We are pleased to announce our 2022 Xhibit selected artists:

Pau Aguilo Hernandez | Elaoise Benson | Cherie Chun | Yarden Fudim | Rhyan Jordan Holder | Hollis Hui | Emmanuelle Iroakazi | Amelia Johnson | Jomile Kazlauskaite | Janice Kei | Nisa Khan | Matilda Madaj-Solberg | Rosie Mather | Arabella Muir | Kenichiro Nakajima | Nusra Nijimbere | Meera Rofaeil | Elliott Roy | Emma Elvins Nogueira Dos Santos | Tong Shi | Marina Tasca | Ciana Taylor | Abigail Weston | Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Xhibit 2022 was held at The Koppel Project 125 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DY

09/06/2022 - 20/06/2022 

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Xhibit digital assets including Xhibit 2022 exhibition invite

Selection Panel:

Jamie Clifton is Editor-in-Chief at VICE UK. Since assuming the role in 2016, he and his team have championed and supported a number of young and up-and-coming illustrators and artists. Jamie has also overseen multiple special editorial projects for which design was a primary focus, working with artists and photographers to tie the written work together with a unified aesthetic.

Carine Harmand is an art curator, currently working as Assistant Curator of International Art at Tate Modern in London. Harmand is a trustee of Mimosa House, London, a space dedicated to platforming women and queer artists and focusing on the fluidity of identity. She is on the advisory board of the Santo Domingo Centre for Excellence in Latin American Research at the British Museum, London.

Armani Sutherland is the current Activities Sabbatical Officer at Arst Students' Union.

"My name is Armani Sutherland and I am the Arts Students’ Union Activities Officer and CSM Link Officer. Before taking on this role I studied BA Media Communications at LCC and through this course worked on a wide range of units and briefs that challenged and pushed me creatively. Throughout my degree I was able to create a photobook, record a podcast, respond to a live client brief and much more. In my second year I became President of the African Caribbean Society and Ballet for Arts Dance Club – both of which allowed me to create a range of student events and manage large scale productions including the annual Arts Dance Showcase where I stage managed over two hundred dancers. I also got the chance to collaborate with external companies to create exciting student experiences. Outside of this, my focus is in events and production. I have worked on a number of short films, series and campaigns as a production manager and am interested progressing further in my experience as an events producer. In my short time as Activities Officer I have been able to support societies and clubs in creating events of their own by relying on my own knowledge and hope to continue to do this and more during my time at Arts SU and CSM. I am excited to see what the next emerging artists will deliver and what has inspired their work and am excited to be a part of this panel!"

Alongside the Xhibit exhibition each artist is showcased within a yearly publication - read through the latest issue and learn more about each creative. 

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