Showcasing the best emerging creatives from UAL, Xhibit is our annual exhibition open to all current students, you can be at any level and studying any discipline to apply. There are no themes or constraints. 


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The exhibition reflects the diverse range of creativity at UAL and offers those involved a unique chance for collaboration, exhibition and development - championing their work to a wider audience. 

Selected Xhibit artists receive personalised feedback from the selection panel, personalised exhibition-making experience, curatorial guidance, installation knowledge, exhibition exposure, professional development, a place in our yearly Xhibit catalogue and critical feedback on your work as well as securing a place in the longest running open call opportunity for students at UAL. 

Due to Covid19, we unfortuantely postponed and postponed the physical exhbition. After an incredible amount of work, this was very dissapointing for all. We did however come up with a postive solution. Working with student staff, who designed and built a digital platform to host the artworks, we have emerged with something powerful. 


Xhibit 2020

Monday 31 May - Friday 18 June

Xhibit 2020

2020 selected artists 

Lucy Alves | Patricia Beja | Neelam Bhullar | Livia Carpineto | Hellie Cartledge | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Collective | Benjamin Cruz | Amir Dehghan | Tea Di Giacomo, Emanuela Passadore & Rachel Wang | Henry Glover | Tsan Huang | Su Jung Jang | Hei Di Li | Helun Liang | Colin Lievens & Thomas Oliver | Chirawilai Luatngoen | Alicia McGuire | Aikaterini Mimikou | Paraskevi Pataoulioti | Eleanor Pearce | Emma Phillips | Iolo Puleston | Juliette Stuart | Yasmeen Thantrey | Gail Theis | Dominik Wiecek | Yula Wojcik | Lu Xu 


This event started in 2020 with the help of A.P.T Gallery who are known for their nurturing emerging creative practice for over 25 years. Their ethos strongly aligns with the core principles of Xhibit as a platform for the best UAL creativity. Arts SU Activities Sabbatical Officer, Eleanor West, had also been worked hard to put accessibility on the agenda for 2020 and strived to locate a venue which comes with ground floor access, is navigable by wheelchair and comes with a disabled toilet. Despite not being here in 2020, we are still supported by A.P.T and will return when we can.


This year we have an incredible custom Designed and built platform by our very own UAL student Bea Taylor Searle, and Curated by Becky Hancock and Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi and we are incredbily proud.

We have an exciting line up of  events providing an opportunity for end of year networking and inspiration.  


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Alongside the Xhibit exhibition each artist is showcased within a publication - read through the latest issue and learn more about each creative.


Xhibit History

Xhibit was originally founded in 1997 by Chelsea College graduates Kit Hammonds and Angela Robinson. As this exhibition open call was created by students for students it has stayed within Arts SU as a crucial legacy project. For many students Xhibit functions to provide their first exhibition experience outside of their college environment. 

"I was the Vice-President elected for Chelsea College of Art. As I was responsible for the Events, I was keen to do more than just bar and ball kind of activities. Xhibit was started partly in response to the fact there wasn’t much cross-college, or even cross-site, contacts and it seemed sensible to start with the common ground between art and design students, the opportunity to show the work alongside one another irrespective of disciplines, specialisms or stage. It was open to any student." 

- Kit Hammonds, co-founder of Xhibit, freelance Curator and tutor on Curating Contemporary Art at RCA. 

Since its original inception, Xhibit has grown to become the longest running open-call exhibition opportunity for students at UAL. It has grown to include a substantial professional development strand, media partnerships and bursary opportunities.  

Have a look back through the years of our Xhibit creatives....

Xhibit 2020