click here to view the candidate manifestos for the spring 2020 campaigns officer election.

your elected sabbatical officers will lead Arts SU and set our direction for the next academic year. please vote for the candidate who best represents your interests and priorities.

when you're ready to cast your ballots, vote here!

every student should be eligible to vote. if you have any queries or encounter any issues voting, please email

this is your chance to make the change you want to see. this is your ual.

full time officers

activities officer | campaigns officer | education officer | welfare officer

paid roles, with the most influence at arts students' union. take a year away from your academic studies to work with us or use this as your first job opportunity if you're in your third year.

you set the priorities and direction for arts su over the coming year, in order to design, change or influence ual to provide it's students with the best possible experience.

applications for full-time roles are now open.

*click on the role names to find out more

part time officers

college officers | camberwell | chelsea | csm | lcc | lcf | wimbledon

liberation officersblack students' | disabled students | international students' | lgbtq | women's | trans

section officers | mature and part-time | postgraduate | foundation

voluntary positions, that work alongside your existing academic timetable.

receive a dedicated budget to run events, campaigns and initiatives.

shape and advance your college, or represent a particular student demographic.

nus delegate

nus national conference will take place 31st march - 2nd april and is attended by 1000+ delegates from students' unions across the country.

being an nus delegate is a great opportunity to shape the future of student politics. during the conference, they have three main roles: they will vote to elect the national executive, vote on policy and vote on reports. it is their job to hold the national executive to account and set the priorities for student campaigning over the coming year.

arts su funds all travel and accommodation for delegates.


student council

every student officer, alongside our club and society representatives, gets a vote at student council.

influence union decisions, and make lasting and impactful change for the benefit of the students you represent.

student council influences the union's policy and direction, as well as stating it's public stance on local and national issues.

*click on the role names to find out more

have any questions about the elections? don't hesitate to contact