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whether it's designing your experience at ual or designing your future now - this is the application that could pave the way for you. represent the students of ual, support and build new communities, encourage positive change or simply create new opportunities. take it beyond a degree, take it to the next level.

the best thing? everyone's a winner.

full time officers

activities officer | campaigns officer | education officer | welfare officer

paid roles, with the most influence at arts students' union. take a year away from your academic studies to work with us or use this as your first job opportunity if you're in your third year.

you set the priorities and focuses for arts su over the coming year, in order to design, change or influence what ual should be for it's students.

part time officers

college officers | liberation officers | section officers

12 voluntary positions, that work alongside your existing academic time.

shape and advance your college, or represent particular student demographics such as:

camberwell | chelsea | csm | lcc | lcf | wimbledon

black students' | disabled students | international students' | lgbtq | womens' | trans (new for 2019!)

student council

college representatives | clubs and societies representatives

influence the decisions that can make lasting and significant change for the benefit the chosen students you represent.

decisions made at the student council influence the union's policies as well as it's public stance on local and national issues.


submit an a4 poster that represents you, your arts, and 1 - 3 motivations to apply (see poster example here)

submit a written based manifesto (see manifesto example here)

allow other students to understand what you would like to add or change to UAL, if you could be the next leader.


be as creative as you want to be, to reach out to students

through photos, videos, posters, banners, t-shirts and paintings or any other form of medium that will help you capture your goals

Get it right the first time - check out the Election Rules and the Campaigning Guidelines

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