Elections Hub

We want to ensure that the elections are as accessible and transparent as possible, so that all students, whether it’s through standing for a position or voting, can participate. The Elections Hub consists of everything any UAL student needs to know about the elections. 


Key Election Documents 

  1. Elections Guide

  • This will provide you with everything you need to know about the Arts SU Elections, including summaries of the roles available, how and why you should put yourself forward, and key dates in the elections period for the 2023-24 academic year.

  1. Elections Rules Summary Sheet 

  • Rules are really important in elections to ensure that they are fair and accessible for everyone. This document gives you a summary of all the rules for our elections. Remember, candidates must also attend our candidate briefing, where we go through the rules in more detail. Rule breaking could lead to campaigning suspensions and, in exceptional cases, disqualifications.

  1. Campaigning Guide

  • We know that many students may not have stood in an election before, so our campaigning guide tells you all you need to know about the different ways you can convince students to vote for you, and how you can run a successful election.

  1. Suggest a Student Form

  • If you feel like standing in this election isn't for you, but you know someone who might be great at a role, you can give them a bit of encouragement to put themself forward by completing our Suggest a Student form. We will send them an email letting them know that someone thinks they should stand (don't worry, you do have the option to remain anonymous).

  1. Elections Complaints Form

  • All of our Arts SU Elections are governed by some key rules to ensure that they are run free and fairly for all candidates and voters. If you believe someone has been breaking these rules, you can complete this form and send it via email to democracy@su.arts.ac.uk to submit a complaint.

Full Role Descriptions

  1. College Officers (CSM, CCW, LCC, LCF)
  2. Student Communities Officer
  3. Union Affairs Officer
  4. School Representatives
  5. NUS Delegates (Page 16)

Other Useful Resources 

  1. Delivering an Elevator Pitch in a lecture 

  1. Public Speaking Training Webinar 

  1. Single Transferable Voting Explained 


Stand for Election


Arts SU Introduction to Elections Session
1st February 3pm - 4pm
Arts SU Elections & Liberation
2nd February 1pm - 2pm
Online - Teams
This session will explore what UAL students demographics look like. We will look at ways to consider their needs in your campaigns, and how as a student who may be from a marginalised community you can navigate the elections and officer role.
Arts SU Introduction to Elections Session
10th February noon - 1pm
Arts SU Introduction to Elections Session
14th February 4pm - 5pm
Arts SU Elections 2023 - Publicity Workshop!
15th February 1pm - 2:30pm
Arts SU Elections 2022-23 - Standing Closes!
21st February noon - 5pm
The standing period for students to put themselves forward as candidates in the Arts SU Elections 2022-23 will close at 12 midday!
Arts SU Elections 2023 - Candidate Briefing!
23rd February noon - 2pm
Arts SU Elections 2023 - Publicity Deadline!
28th February noon - 12:30pm
Arts SU Elections 2023- Campaigns Training!
1st March 2pm - 3:30pm
Arts SU Elections 2023- Campaigns Training!
2nd March 1pm - 2:30pm
Arts SU Elections 2022-23 - Voting Opens!
6th March 10am - 5pm
Voting for the Arts SU Elections 2023 will open at 10am!
Arts SU Elections 2022-23 - Voting Closes!
10th March 2pm - 5pm
Voting in the Arts SU Election 2023 will close at 2pm!
Arts SU Elections 2023 - Results!
10th March 5pm - 11:59pm

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