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Voting in Local and National Elections

UK General Election 2024

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The UK Government recently announced a General Election to be held on Thursday 4th July 2024. This page is still being updated, so be patient - more information will be added here when we have it.

Democracy is a big deal here at Arts SU. We think it's really important that you have your say and exercise your democratic rights: that's why we hold our own Elections every academic year, and encourage you to take part in the UK's democracy, too.

What elections are there?

We know our students are based all over the UK (and the world!), but here's how you can get involved if you're based in London:

  • Local elections: where you elect your councillors
  • Mayoral elections: where you elect your Greater London Authority (GLA) Assembly Members and the Mayor of London
  • General elections: where you elect your Member of Parliament (MP)

It's important to note that if you live away from home during term time, you can register to vote at both your home and term-time address. In some local elections, you can vote once at each address you're registered at, but in general elections, you can only vote once.

Upcoming elections

The UK government has recently called a general election to be held on Thursday 4th July 2024.



Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to get involved

Did you know that we have political societies at Arts SU? Explore the whole list.

Or get in touch with the people who represent you: