A photograph of a student asking a question at the Annual Members Meeting 2022

Your Officers

Your Full-Time Student Representatives (Sabbatical Officers) are involved in work that covers all aspects of student life. Their job is to ensure that the work of Arts SU, and of the University, reflects the wishes of the student body.

Student Leaders

Your Student Leaders, commonly known in Student Union's as Sabbatical Officers, are elected in the spring each year by UAL students and are paid to work full-time for a whole academic year from July until June.

Your Officers meet regularly with key decision makers at all levels within the university and are members of important committees where they can effect change for UAL students.

Officer Priorities & Themes 2023 - 2024

Every year, your Sabbatical officers will create individual priorities from their elected manifesto. These priorities are then categorised into themes that Arts SU will focus on for the year ahead alongside our additional campaign work, such as passed student ideas! 

What do your Officers do?

Your Officers are elected by you, accountable to you and exist to represent your interests as a UAL student. As your full-time/paid representatives, the Full-Time Officers:

  1. Deliver campaign pledges to create change across UAL, in accordance with the manifestos they were elected on.
  2. Contribute to various UAL meetings on behalf of students, relaying your views and advocating for your interests (Executive Level and College Level) .
  3. Work with UAL staff on recruitment of senior positions, developing University strategies and processes, allocating budgets to student support/wellbeing/community and overarching decision making.
  4. Chair termly academic Student & Dean Forums in every college at UAL.
  5. Faciliate and co-lead student led iniatives with Arts SU staff.
  6. Support and work with over 1,200 student representatives (course reps, school reps, society and sport committee members, part-time officers).
  7. Undergo duties in their Trustee role of the Arts SU charity & business.

And many other ad-hoc tasks and projects.