Arts SU and our members will actively be supporting UAL-UCU in their fight for pay equality, better contracts, safer workloads, and better pay. This has been mandated by the student body on Monday 29th November at the Annual Members Meeting by resolution. 

"University staff working conditions are student learning conditions; our fight for a better education system is inherently linked. A free, liberated university cannot truly exist without its staff being treated fairly and respectfully."
Shahadah Shahril - SU Campaigns Officer 

As well as carrying out the actions outlined in the resolution we will also be sharing updated information covering picket lines, teach-outs and other events happening for the strike-through our website and social media in the days ahead. 

How can you support the strikes?

Follow UCU-UAL Social Media Channels

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Sign NUS's Support Letter and Petition.

Picket Lines 

UCU-UAL Members will be holding picket lines in different locations across UAL colleges/buildings which students can join in support. All pickets begin at 9.30am. These include:

Wednesday 1st December - High Holborn, Camberwell, LCC and CSM 

Thursday 2nd December - Chelsea, CSM, LCF (JPS) & LCC

Friday 3rd December - High Holborn, CSM and LCC 

Digital pickets are being held everyday between 10-11am, which you can access here.

Guidance on supporting a picket line for students: 
You can stand with staff on or near a picket line, but it should be clear you are not an official picket – it’s best to have a chat with the picket line supervisor (who will be easily identifiable) when you get there to say you are there to show solidarity and ask what is most useful for you to do!

Students can hold solidarity demonstrations near picket lines and engage with other students about the issues of the strike. 

Students cannot, however, be part of the picket lines as an official picket. This means that they cannot be identified as an official picket would be, for example with a UCU armband. Students cannot engage in the activity of an official picket, including persuading employees of the workplace to not enter.

Students can’t physically prevent someone from entering their place of work or study – or act in a way that would constitute a breach of the peace. You should also be mindful of local codes of conduct before carrying this out, in case your university rules against disrupting other students’ learning, preventing students or staff from entering campus, or is monitoring attendance during the strike.

This guidance has been provided by the National Union of Students - link here