Disability History Month takes place every year, with this year’s dates falling between the 16th November – 16th December. This year’s official theme is 'My Body May Be Tired But My Creative Mind Isn't'. More information on this can be found on the UK Disability History Month website.

At Arts SU, we are committed to supporting and amplifying the voices and experiences of our disabled students and staff. We will be raising awareness and improving education around disability justice, including disabled histories and futures, art, and activism. We recognise that disability takes many forms and that it is important to recognise the intersections at which disability exists.

Check out this year's events:

Purple background with sunflowers around the edge. In yellow text is the Arts SU logo, and Disability History Month Title: 'My Body May Be Tired But My Creative Mind Isn't' UAL Disability Service and the Social Model of Disability
2nd December 2pm - 3pm
Join UAL Disability team to explore your options when it comes to accessing disability support at university and beyond
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