Arts SU is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS), each year sending UAL student delegates to the annual conferences where national student policy and campaigns are decided. 

The National Union of Students is the representative body for over 600 Student Unions in Universities and Colleges in the UK.
The organisation represents over 7 million student members nationally and leads the student movement nationally, fights for student rights and lobbies the UK government on all things education?

Arts Students’ Union is a respective member of NUS and so we ensure UAL students influence the decisions NUS makes and the campaigns they run. 

Arts SU this year has also submitted a policy for NUS to lobby the UK government on legalizing freelancing under the International Student Visa. Click here to find out more.  

Your NUS Delegates for 2021/22 

NUS National Conference Delegates            

Image for Veva Lopes Image for Rijul Narwal Image for Naomi Adler Image for Katwamba Mutale

Veva Lopes 

Rijul Narwal 

Naomi Adler 

Katwamba Mutale     

Image for Ili Nur Asiyah Image for Elle Robertson Image for Mara Ungurean  

Ili Nur Asiyah

Elle Robertson Mara Ungurean  

Your National Conference delegates will represent UAL students at the NUS National Student Conference taking place in Liverpool on the 28-29th March 2022. 

NUS Liberation Conference Delegates 

Image for Sylvian Cunningham Image for Frida Nilsson Image for Bobei Wu

Sylvian Cunningham 

Trans & Non-Binary Delegate 

Frida Nilsson

Women's Delegate 

Charlotte Hull

Disabled Students Delegate

Bobei Wu  

Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Delegate

What do NUS Delegates do? 

NUS Delegates are representatives of Arts Students’ Union/UAL sent to the respective NUS Conference in March 2022?. 

Delegates have three primary roles at the conference: 

  1. Vote on policy/campaign proposals: in the interest of UAL students. 
  2. Debate the national issues affecting students. 
  3. Determining NUS Leadership by voting for the NUS Officer roles, Scrutiny Council and the DPC. 

It is the role of our delegates to represent the interests and views of UAL students, ensuring this is inputted into the Conference decisions and leadership of NUS. 

Proposals at NUS Conferences 2022 & Arts SU Delegate Voting Records 

NUS National Conference Policies & Delegate Voting Record. 


Policy Veva Lopes Katwamba Mutale Rijul Narwal Naomi Adler Ella Robertson Mara Ungurean Ili Nur Asiyah 
Fight For Funds   For          
Making University Accessible To Students Of All Backgrounds   For          
New Vision For Education   Abstain          
Tackling Gender-Based Violence   For          
Student Housing Co-operatives    For          
The International Student Experience During & Post-Study   For